How do we find the best people for the job?

We get it. You need effective people in Japan and you need them now. Recruiting in Japan is tough and playing a numbers game does not deliver results except a pile of inappropriate resumes. Job postings aren’t working and the talent pool seems to be hidden or unresponsive. Nobody needs to remind us that mis-hires and unfilled positions are extremely costly.

Quality service over quantity

At Ryze we are committed to quality over quantity to deliver with impact and value. Our goal is helping you hire the best people by delivering the ideal and non-obvious candidates you need.


Executive search that is different from other companies

Recruitment to us at Ryze is a highly customized, highly-personalized high-touch business. We lead with our critical eye and passion for our client’s business.

We do not use algorithms or formulas for recruiting. We are tenacious in targeting who you need, leading to faster and highly effective results.

We approach everything as a team and work to present you with candidates with excellent proven track-records.

Positions We Cover

Ryze Consulting K.K. is specialized in finding talent that will make an impact in your organization.
We handle Sales, Leadership and specialized roles for innovative companies. We’re keen to work on your difficult-to-fill positions and help you overcome any hurdle you are coming up against.

Our Coverage in Technology Solutions

AI / Big Data and Analytic Solutions 

・Data Analysis 
・AI Model Building Development
・Business Intelligence
・Machine Learning
・Deep Learning
・Transfer Learning
・Generative AI
・Multimodal AI
・Edge AI 
・XAI : Explainable AI
・Data mining
・SVM : Support Vector Machine
・Image Recognition・Voice Recognition
・Image Generation・Speech Synthesis
・NLP : Natural Language Processing
・GAN : Generative Adversarial Network

Manufacturing Solutions

Related Industries
Chemical, Aerospace, Defense, Oil/Gas, Automotive, Utility, Pharmaceuticals, CPG, Hi-Tech

・ERP : Enterprise Resources Planning
・PLM : Product Lifecycle Management
・Digital Twin
・EAM : Enterprise Asset Management
・SCM : Supply Chain Management
・MES : Manufacturing Execution System
・FA : Factory Automation 
・Health Tech
・OT : Operational Technologies 


・Networking / Infrastructure 
・Mobile / Wireless
・Geospatial Technologies
・ISP : Internet Service Provider
・Telecom Software / Solutions

Marketing Solutions

・CX: Customer Experience 
・AD Tech
・CMS : Contents Management System

Workflow Solutions

・RPA : Robotic Process Automation
・IPM : Intellectual Property Management
・Video Conferencing


・IT Consulting 
・Managed Services

FSI Solutions

・Fin Tech
・Corporate Governance
・Anti-Money Laundering

DevOps / Infrastructure Solutions

・Cyber Security
・Cloud Security

Our Area of Expertise

  • Enterprise Solutions (ERP, CRM, SCM)
  • Cloud Platforms (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS)
  • Communications Technology
  • Industrial Solutions
  • CX solutions
  • Marketing Technology (including Digital Marketing and Advertising)
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Big Data
  • Analytics
  • DevOps
  • IoT
  • Fintech and Payment Solutions
  • Blockchain
  •  Healthtech
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • Cybersecurity/ Cloud Security

Flexible Search Options

At Ryze we pride ourselves on our personalized approach and flexibility towards each of our clients. We offer various search options to best fit the needs for your search which include Retained, Contingency, Exclusive Contingency and other flexible models. Please contact us to discuss what is best for you.

Retained Search

Our clients retain us to exclusively conduct their search as a managed project and represent them in the market. This includes candidate market mapping, detailed candidate profiling and introductions, interview process management, selection and onboarding. We create a dedicated search team committed to delivering a strong, positive and united message to the market for your brand. A retained search is typically structured in a 3-tiered search objectives framework with agreed upon methodology and deliverables. Fees are typically payable at the start, upon a short-list and upon completion of the project.

Why a Retained Search?

・Senior level searches that require a unified and powerful approach to a pool of savvy and successful candidates. The retained search delivers the message that the client is serious, time is valuable and that their achievements and goals will be properly assessed.
・Niche and highly difficult searches that require a higher level of commitment to fill.
・Highly confidential searches that demand a discreet, careful and unified approach to the candidate market.
・A search where the decision making requires market mapping and visibility.

Exclusive Contingency Search

Our clients select us to represent them for their search. This search is carried out only by us and the exclusivity is limited to an agreed upon duration. Sometimes the client wants to use internal activities in parallel, however exclusive contingency searches are typically not advertised or announced on social media. As with contingency searches, the fee is due when the candidate joins the company.

Why an Exclusive Contingency Search?

・Senior level searches that require a unified and powerful approach to a pool of savvy and successful candidates.
・A discreet process for a confidential and/or sensitive search.
・Client wants to streamline the process and reduce internal workload.
・Client wants a closer relationship to enhance search results.

Contingency Search

We will search for and introduce candidates to our clients without any formal agreement on exclusivity. Our clients can decide how many other search firms they want working on these roles as well as their own internal recruiting activity. The fee is due only when the candidate joins the company.

Why a Contingency Search?

・These are usually non-sensitive roles where speed is important.
・Many applicants are welcome and/or necessary.
・Client has an HR team to manage the process.
・Usually for roles where there are a greater number of ideal candidates.