We support our clients until they join our company after conducting detailed research in order to match the human resources they are looking for.

1)Initial Meeting
We will meet with you to discuss the position you are looking to fill, the skills and experience required for the job and your company culture to help properly target the people who can help you solve your current challenges. We will also develop a timeline and hiring plan to explain the time and cost involved in the hiring process. We will customize a search plan that fits your needs.

What are the different types of search plans
2)Candidate Research (about 2 weeks)
We will do research to identify potential candidates working in positions at companies that fit your target. We will also use our network and database to find the right candidate for your needs.
3)Contact Candidates (2 to 3 weeks)
We will meet with the candidates to learn more about their experience, skills, and desired conditions which cannot be seen through data alone. On average we meet and screen 20 to 30 candidates and at the same time show them what your company has to offer. If necessary, your company’s name will be kept confidential.
We will contact you as soon as we find qualified candidates who meet your requirements and set up a meeting with you. Since a large number of introductions can be a burden on your time, we tend to introduce an average 5 carefully selected candidates. At this point, the number of candidates has been narrowed down to a manageable number which greatly reduces your cost in terms of time and effort spent on recruitment.
4)Interviews between you and the candidates (3 to 4 weeks)
We will usually arrange 4 to 5 interviews per finalist candidate before the final decision. However, the process varies from company to company and position to position. We will support you in adjusting the interview schedule and negotiating the terms of employment.
5)Offer and Acceptance: (about 1 week)
We will support you in negotiating conditions with the candidate and gaining their acceptance. We will also perform reference checks if required. We will support the candidate in their resignation process and ensure a problem-free onboarding process for you.
6)Joining the company (1 month from resignation)
We will support the process until the candidate is settled in their new job. It usually takes about one month for the candidate to complete a handover and leave their company.
We will continue to provide support to our clients and candidates post-onboarding as needed.