Customer Voice

Francis Chng
APJ Talent Aquisition Manager
Zoom Video Communications

I have had the privilege of collaborating with William and David from Ryze over the past couple of years. Our journey began with a trial for a role when I was with Talend, during which I quickly recognized their exceptional market expertise in identifying the finest talent in Japan. Since then, I have consistently chosen to partner with both of them in each of the companies I have joined, and without fail, they have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch results.

William and David have consistently proven themselves as dependable expert in attracting the best talents in the Japanese market. They have earned my trust as a reliable and valued partner, maintaining a high level of professionalism, ethics, and integrity throughout our interactions. One thing that truly sets them apart is their candidness in declining opportunities that they don’t feel confident or comfortable with, which further emphasizes their dedication to ensuring the right fit for both parties.

I wholeheartedly endorse William and David from Ryze for their exceptional abilities, consistent quality of work, and their reputation as trustworthy and dependable partners. Working with them has been a privilege, and I look forward to continuing our successful collaborations in the future.

Head of Global Executive Recruitment
US based Technology Pre-IPO

We were looking for a search firm that could help us hire an extraordinary leader in the APJ region since. We chose Ryze because they not only have a powerful network and an outstanding reputation but they understood the profile of the leader we needed to hire so we could bring this search to completion within the aggressive timeline we had in mind. Bill and David were excellent partners throughout the search and though we had to “restart” our initial search after a candidate who had accepted decided to stay at their current company, Ryze moved extremely quickly to help us complete the search with an even stronger candidate! I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a trusted search partner in the APJ region for executive level and leadership level searches.

Amine Slimane
Senior Partner Solution Architect Manager APJ

We were trying to find Solution Architect candidates with customer facing as well as Data and AI skills to grow our team in Japan. While presales skills were relatively common, we struggled to find individuals with the proper technical level. William and the team at Ryze were professional fast, reliable, and have this dual competency of understanding the Data/AI world as well as the Japan candidate market. They were able to find several candidates matching our criteria in a small amount of time. They are professional and fast, the team was able to fully understand our requirements after one or two calls, allowing us to focus on other important matters while they created a strong pool of candidate. I strongly recommend working with Ryze , they were able to support us at the beginning of our Japan journey, where hiring the right candidates is absolutely instrumental for a sustainable growth.

Talent Acquisition Specialist
Global Manufacturing Software Solutions Company

I really appreciate the trusted partnership we have with Ryze Consulting and would like to recommend them due to their quality of work. I believe that the Ryze consultants are committed and put great effort into our hiring needs.

Our company’s business is quite niche and not well-known like other IT companies, and the talents that we are looking for are also quite niche and difficult to find, especially the candidates with technical skills. Thus, it is very challenging to attract candidates. I had heard that Ryze Consulting is a smaller recruiting firm that is specialized in our industry. Now working together, Ryze Consulting helps us to successfully hire top executive talents. I also appreciate that the consultants at Ryze Consulting understand our business well so that they can represent us in front of the potential candidates. It is crucial to have a deep understanding about the market and the industry, and indeed Ryze knows our industry very well.

Thank you for our partnership, your effort and your understanding working with us.

Rika Odgerel
HR Specialist
The Qt Company

Ryze Consulting has been supporting us with our recruitment in Japan and we really appreciate their highly qualified and professional consulting service.
They stand out from other recruitment consulting firms with their deep knowledge and experience of the Japanese talent market, powerful network, and sourcing techniques.
When it comes to introduction and matching, they are always very accurate and precise which brings a smooth and fast process. They manage both client and candidates’ sides very well and the execution and delivery were excellent. I would absolutely recommend Ryze Consulting and would like to continue working with them.

Candidate Voice

Country Manager of Japan
US based Global Technology Company

Other agents approach by showing many opportunities and letting the candidate choose. However, Ryze is highly reliable because it only introduces very selective and precise opportunities. Ryze explains the progress of the selection process accurately and negotiate salaries on very reasonable terms for both parties. I changed jobs with a sense of satisfaction. The confidentiality of the information is very strong, and I feel very comfortable discussing my future career with them. I would definitely recommend Ryze to other job seekers and look forward to Ryze’s future growth.

Country Manager of Japan
European Business Data Platform Company

I was particularly impressed with the very attentive and thoughtful communication from Ms Hatano who helped me throughout the process, the initial meeting with her helped me to organise my thoughts and take stock of my experience. The coordination and communication with the hiring company through her was smooth and stress-free, and she always contacted me before and after each step, so I felt that she was accompanying me all the way. 
Even when I was on the fence between opportunities, including one from another agency, they were neutral and advised me on how to handle the situation, reminding me that I should be the one in control. I felt they were like a trusted coach. 
To use an analogy, it was a nice experience, like being served in a high-end luxury boutique (as opposed to catalogue shopping or fast fashion customer service). Highly recommended. 

Country Manager of Japan
Pre-IPO Unified Data Analytics Platform Company

Ryze Consulting really helped me a lot to join my new company. They always considered my career trajectory first and gave good advice all the way to finally reach my decision to join. If you look for your next career, I recommend you to talk to Ryze Consulting. It is because they listen first and lead you to the best decision. I really enjoyed working with them while I went through the interview process.

Intern Voice 

Shunsuke Shima
Hokkaido University of Education, Hired by Deloitte

I have gained invaluable experience through my internship at Ryze Consulting.

One of the first things I learned was the importance of understanding the demands of job seekers and focusing on their individual perspectives. It is important to have a deep understanding of their life plans and aptitudes, rather than simply placing a job seeker with a company. By understanding their individual needs, we can build win-win relationships that mutually benefit both the company and the job seeker. Through this internship, I also understood that extensive knowledge of all industries is required. Being able to learn about so many industries in just one month was an extremely valuable experience. I now feel confident that I can use my extensive knowledge to better serve clients in my future career.

The Ryze Consulting workplace is filled with people who have a deep understanding of candidates’ needs and a strong desire to match them with the right company to help them succeed in their careers. I also appreciated the helpful and attentive manner in which my supervisors taught me, despite the fact that I had no foundation knowledge. In addition, their fun and serious attitude inspired me to learn the importance of working hard as well.

This internship was a very enriching experience for me. I learned the importance of client orientation and the need for broad knowledge, and I was able to work with a great group of colleagues. This internship at Ryze Consulting was such a valuable step for me and will contribute greatly to my future growth.