1) Career Consulting
At Ryze we focus on understanding who you are; your experiences, skills, motivations and aspirations. We know that each person we meet is unique and has a lot to offer, so we take great pride in finding out how best we can support each individual’s success. After sharing your motivations we will introduce you to new roles at companies that excite you.
2) Introduction
We will then prepare a detailed introduction of you and arrange a meeting with the company that you would like to meet. This greatly increases your chances of getting in front of the decision makers and getting the job that you want. We can also give tips to make a perfect resume for the position you are going to challenge.
3) Preparation and Support
We will give you all the important and updated information about the company to help you prepare and position yourself for success. We will provide interview coaching, tips and great feedback to help you all the way. The average recruitment process has 5 interviews, although this differs by company and position. No matter what the process is, we will be there for you at every step.
4) Getting an Offer
A great advantage to applying for a role though Ryze is that we can manage the all important offer negotiations. If you have applied to a job directly, through an ineffective agency or through a colleague, accepting an offer without negotiation can feel like a duty obligation. At Ryze we do not believe anyone is obligated to accept an offer that does not suit them. We will do our very best to negotiate the optimum conditions for you.
5) Acceptance and Resignation
After accepting your amazing new job it is time to resign. We will help you with planning and advice on how best to leave your company. For many people resignation can be the most stressful part of the process, however we will help you get it done smoothly.
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6) Onboarding and Onwards
We will keep in contact with you to ensure a smooth transition to your new job and will be very happy to keep in touch with you.
Let’s work together as partners. Tell us your dream and we will help you get there.